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Bhutan Tour Packages

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Getting Into Bhutan

Carefully planned economic development has made the country much more accessible and there are now a network of roads entering and traversing the country. There are flights to and from destinations that include Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Bodh Gaya, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Guwahati, Singapore and Mumbai.

Professional Tour Guides

Our Tours Guides are trained to specialize in either cultural or adventure tours. Many guides complete language courses in German, Japanese, Thai and other languages so that they can easily communicate with our guests and all are proficient in English. We employ only registered and certified guides.

Topmost Hospitality

A wide variety of accommodation is available ranging from luxurious 5-star hotels to cozy little hotels and homestays in traditional Bhutanese homes and settings.  Visitors can be assured of their warmth and comfort of the hotels. Similarly, the ambiance and hospitality offered by the hotels are incredible. 

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